About ACTSA Membership

The Association serves its members by:

  • Providing a forum for corporate treasurers to identify current issues.
  • Promoting the interests of the industry.
  • Promoting high ethical standards in the industry.
  • Providing a level of internationalisation through overseas affiliation and cooperation

There are several different classes of membership to ACTSA. Since the various regions and membership classes have varying fee structures, kindly contact us directly for further details on membership fees.

  • Article Membership (for students)
  • Individual Membership (for those experienced)

Professional Membership is available to organisations which basically render a service to Corporate Members such as Rating Agencies, Treasury Outsourcing Companies, Treasury/Software Providers etc. Professional Membership differs from Corporate Membership in that Professional Members do not have voting rights, though employees may apply for individual membership, thereby guaranteeing their voting rights.

Click here to view the list of ACTSA’s existing Professional Members.

Corporate Membership of ACTSA offers organisations with treasury operations the opportunity to become more closely involved in the Association’s activities. This gives organisations, especially companies the opportunity to raise any concerns of a “technical” nature, to contributeto the formation and presentation of the Association’s opinion and provides a discussion forum forideas and concerns. Furthermore, by becoming a corporate member, the organisation’s employees obtain a real opportunity to be part of the financial community and benefit from ACTSA’s training and skills development programmes.

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  • Members of ACTSA have voting rights and may be elected to the board.
  • Associate and Article members will receive invitations to the meetings and receive The Southern African Treasurer, as do members.
  • Experience in Treasury is defined as three years experience in:
    Corporate Finance, Currency Management, Liquidity Management, Commodities Management, Funding Management and related activities.